Din size radio dimensions

The DIN sizes for car head units come in two standards. It was termed the DIN Today it is just known as the DIN car radio size. In spite of the various designs of car radios, the standard has remained unchanged since its implementation in Always look for a head unit that conforms to the standards. The same thing can be said for the double DIN dimensions. The other thing to look for in car head units will be quality. All items will play radio but others can play various media.

What Does "DIN" Mean for Car Stereo Sizes?

What exactly are you looking for? Most players come with Mp3 capability. Others can play WMA, or both. As you can see, the DIN size is just one aspect; the features of the car head unit are of course very important.

Car head units today have CD changer controls installed. Look for these features if you want maximum convenience. Also check the hardware; if you want Sirius satellite radio, you need to have the right hardware. Some head units also have removable faces. These are useful for preventing theft. A lot of new models also come with DVD features.

A car head unit with DVD capability is nice, but some even come with in dash video. These allow you to see video right on the dash. Others come with navigation as well.

Car DVD player: the differences between 1 DIN and 2 DIN

Aside from the DIN size, you need to make sure the head unit actually fits you comfortably. Try it out and see how easily you can make modifications to it. Check the car head unit and make certain that it fits your vehicle model. Some units are very particular about this, so check with the seller. Before installing the model, make sure you follow all the instructions so it works out fine.

Other factors need to be assessed.

din size radio dimensions

These include the amplifiers. The RMS watts denote the power of the radio. You need to ascertain that the head unit produces sufficient power for the radio.

din size radio dimensions

Check if this is possible with your car head unit. The DIN sizes may be standardized, but there are plenty of other issues to consider.A recurring problem many people seem to have is not knowing what car stereo equipment will fit in their vehicle.

Double Din Radios Explained

It's often hard to determine what size speakers you have when the cones are behind factory grills. Even the radio may not be a standard size. Here's how to find out what you've got to work with in your vehicle. The vehicle's radio is out in the open and a few simple measurements will tell you if it's a standard size. There is no standard for the depth of the unit. Most aftermarket head units are a direct fit for this size and an adapter kit will not be required.

There are at least two options available for these openings. This will allow the head unit to sit in the top half of the kit while the bottom half may have a pocket, an opening for an equalizer or an opening for a second DIN component. The other option is to use an aftermarket double DIN radio as a direct fit. Several manufacturers make this size in at least one model. These are commonly referred to as 1.

These manufacturers also tend to have shallow dash cavities that make fitting a common depth radio around 7" difficult. Usually the solution is to get an adapter kit for your DIN radio with a protruding front piece. This will allow you to fit the deeper head unit but the front of the unit will stick out and not sit flush with the dash.

Pioneer used to make a couple models that would fit without an adapter kit but their website no longer shows those size. Then there are an assortment of very odd sized radios. Both of these were overcome with the proper kits.

din size radio dimensions

Now more and more new cars are coming out with non-standard sizes and radios integrated with other vehicle electronics. This makes it more difficult to replace a factory stereo with an aftermarket one. This battle between the aftermarket and the OEM has raged for decades but the aftermarket has always found a way to adapt their equipment to whatever the OEM throws at them. It can take some time to design and bring to market these complex adapters but eventually there will be a packaged solution.

The good news for consumers is that the quality of factory electronics keeps getting better and many consumers won't need to replace their factory head unit at least for sound quality reasons. Instead they can spend the bulk of their upgrade money on the speaker system which is where the greatest benefit will be found.

Speakers are a whole different ballgame. There are many different speaker sizes and it's tough to generalize which manufacturers use which size. The most common OEM sizes are 3. There are also two ways to mount speakers, top and bottom mount. Most speakers are top mount but some rear deck speakers will mount from the bottom of the panel trunk side. For those with odd sized holes or holes bigger than the size you want to install you can buy, make or have made an adapter plate.

The pre-manufactured models are usually made from plastic. If the area will be subject to moisture plexiglass acrylic is a good option. Anything is possible if you just have the money to do it of course.

So that brings us to the real issue.In car stereos, DIN refers to the size of the head unit of car audio and video devices. DIN stands for Deutches Institue Fur Normungthe body responsible for setting the industry standards used for car head units worldwide.

For standard DVD player, the shape will be cuboid. The single DIN is the standard measurement for a vehicle's audio system. You will need to accurately measure the front-panel of your original head unit.

Generally speaking, a single DIN unit is cheaper due to having less features, e. However, some 1 DIN units now incorporate slide-out screens with extra functionality such as an amplifier or CD changer. If your current head unit measures approximately 7 inches in length and 4 inches in heightthen it's definitely a double DIN unit, and designed to accept single DIN and double DIN options.

However, if you only intend to install a single DIN unit, the right bracket is required along with an audio equalizer or other components to fill the extra space. With a built-in touch screenpre-installed applicationson-board navigation systemBluetooth for smartphone integration, and more, it's easy to see why. With impressive feature sets, both the driver and passengers can enjoy a rich audio-visual experience for every journey. For even more flexibility, head units are available with the original panel to ensure a complementary and seamless fit.

The only difference is the size height of the head unit. While some variation exists in terms of internal hardware, both options provide similar audio quality and features.

It's not possible to conclusively state whether for one DIN and two DIN which one is better — however, if space permits, most drivers will tend to choose the double DIN option to take advantage of the extra functionality and ease of use. For the purpose of this new article, the featured image s were sourced from the internet.

For any issue, please contact us, and we will deal with the matter promptly. SparkMaker 2. Mi Band 2 Troubleshoot Easily fix 9 Bluetooth pairing issues. Looking to buy a car DVD player? What does "DIN" mean? Wrap up The only difference is the size height of the head unit. Daily Deals SparkMaker 2. Related Products. How to select an appropriate DVR? Which is the best way to charge the DVR?

din size radio dimensions

You may also want to read:.The standard specifies a height and width for car head units. Automakers and car stereo manufacturers around the world use this standard, which is why most head units are interchangeable. While the wiring is not standardized, the DIN standard is the reason why you can replace OEM car stereos with aftermarket devices. Although the DIN standard only specifies a single height and width, head unit manufacturers also produce devices that are twice as tall.

A small number of head units are 1. The easiest way to tell if a car radio is single DIN is to measure it. If the radio is about two inches tall, it's probably a single DIN. If it's roughly four inches tall, then it's double DIN. There are no other standardized DIN measurements.

Some vehicles are trickier than others. For instance, if a dash has three vertically stacked slots that are all about two inches high, and only one is taken up by an OEM radio, then it's probably just a regular single DIN head unit. In such cases, it is difficult to tell if a larger head unit can be accommodated. In most cases, consoles with gaps above or below a single DIN head unit were originally designed to house a CD player or another piece of audio equipment.

Some car dealers may have original factory equipment laying around that can be installed in such a situation. When you're ready to replace your single din car radio, the easiest option is to buy a single DIN aftermarket unit. While there are sometimes slight differences in fit and finish, most single DIN aftermarket units are designed to be installed in an adjustable collar that facilitates installation in just about any single DIN slot.

Since double DIN head units are twice the height of single DIN head units, you can always go from double to single, but the reverse may be a challenge. Before attempting such an upgrade, it's important to first measure the "slots" and verify that they can be accessed. The additional slot should be two inches tall. Some vehicles have "dummy" slots that look like they're designed to accept a device like a CD player but are intended for storage. Such an opening may fit a 1. You may also find that there is no removable cover, and even if you removed the housing there could be a mess of wires or ducting that prevent the installation of a double DIN head unit.

The next issue you may encounter is that even if your console has a blank slot underneath the head unit, it may be molded into the dash. Even if it is removable, it's not likely to fit anything more than a single DIN device like a CD player.

If you want to replace your single DIN head unit with a double DIN device, you may have to cut out the part of the dash that separates the two slots. Before you go through all the work to replace your single-DIN radio with a double DIN head unit, ask yourself if it's worth it. Although double DIN head units have a lot more real estate for features like touchscreens and internal space for features like more powerful amps and built-in CD changersthose expenses add up quickly.Today, it is difficult to imagine a modern car without an audio system whose main components are a car stereo or a receiver.

The functionality of these devices has increased significantly over the past years, which on one hand is good, but on the other hand, motorists have to make a very difficult choice. Until recently, the functionality of a car stereo was limited to playing CDs or even tapes and FM radio. Currently, most of them offer the following features:. In addition, there may be additional features, such as day planners, calendars, etc. It is certain that not all models are equipped with these functions.

The better it is equipped, the more it costs.

How to Find Out What Equipment Fits Your Vehicle

In the early s, car manufacturers emphasized the importance of car stereo size standards. DIN was adopted as an international standard in and widely used even today. Of course, there is a bit of truth in that, but not everything — that concerns only old models. The quality of modern devices is comparable, they both could have a flip-out screen, as well as a USB port and a card reader. Therefore, if you have a car dash of the 1-DIN standard, there is absolutely no need to enlarge it.

Most motorists mistakenly believe that a high quality car stereo can only be manufactured by the best manufacturers, such as:. These are really great devices which have been on the market for many years, but they have one big disadvantage — their price. But what to do if you want to save your money?

To help you, we present three reasonably priced 1-DIN models of high quality. Therefore, the maximum total storage capacity could be up to GB. As you can see, the car stereo has all the necessary functions and it is also quite powerful and has excellent sound quality.

The advantages of this model are:. With quite a decent processing power, you can easily stream music and performs all the other commands in a smooth and fast manner. Therefore, the presence of a touch screen in a modern car stereo is mandatory. Another function of most models is anti-theft protection: the panel is not fully detachable, only the front part with duplicate buttons. Other functions depend on a model. Remember that there also exist 1.Free car stereo and car radio and car audio installation resource.

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Radio Sizes. You can access the document via a link though.Are you shopping for car audio via the internet and some of the terms are confusing to you? Lets say you want to install an amp into your stock system using the.

Still confused about other terms. Hey, let us know. Reply to this blog entry below and ask away. Contact Muggs by email at muggs soundzgood2me. I am not sure which size would that match. Please suggest the best economic one.

I want it as unassuming as possible, look as stock as possible and sound like a concert hall. The interior of the car is completely lined with Hushmat Ultra sound deadening material. What do you suggest? Thanks — Rey P. I plan down the road to add Sirius XM service. I have a pioneer radio but when I try to change the station it just scrolls through my preset stations….

The official size is 50mm x mm which translates to 1.

2 DIN Car Radio Buying Tips - Car Audio

What happened to cg sized headunits? Thanks for the question Heather about your 05 Dodge Ram. If you have the factory radio to install an aftermarket radio would require a mounting kit and wiring harness specific to the Dodge. There are a number of variations in the Dodge that require different interfaces so the best thing would be to stop by or give us a call to be certain about what you might need for the job. So, go into the setup menu and choose I believe option 1 on the seek menu. Your most likely in option 2.

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